About Us

We are a specialty group for online and social media services. We have 7 years of expertise in social media management, business intelligence, data analysis, online research, and IT infrastructure. Our social media division offers a comprehensive package, including page management, content writing, audience targeting, engagement and promoted content.


Social Media

Campaigns, social media pages management, and content creation

Branding, Reputation, and P.R.

Writing and publishing high quality articles in top tier publications

Business Intelligence

Compilation of business intelligence and OSint reports, deep web searches, and big data analysis


Construction of infrastructure, marketing software, and custom-made solutions


We have worked with clients from various fields; litigation, health management, venture capital, startups, environmental organizations, gaming, politics and high net worth individuals. Our goals are well defined at the commencement of a project, alongside strict deadlines and budgets. With us - you know what you're going to get.

Our Principles


Our clients are guaranteed full confidentiality and we work according to the highest security and encryption standards.


We tailor our solutions to your needs - each client gets their own custom-made strategy and a different set of solutions to achieve their individual goals.


Our clients get full transparency, including weekly reports and updates, statistics and data about the project's progress and a fair pricing. If we don't believe we can help you - we don't take your money.


We measure ourselves by the highest standards of morality and abide by the law of each jurisdiction. We also make sure to meet the terms and conditions of every arena we work in.